Mia did her driving lessons in sudbury with nayland driving school

A good start to the month!

Jadie passed her driving test in colchester after doing her driving lessons with nayland driving school.

The first time passes are flowing!

anther pass at colchester

Passes in both Colchester and Clacton

Caitlin passes her driving test in colchester Well done to Caitlin and Maria for passing tests in Colchester and Clacton. Also Zac and Mathew who unfortunately I didn’t get photos of. Stay safe out there guys and girls.

Olly passed his driving test first time in colchester

Congratulations Olly and Dan!

Well done Billie

Well done Billie for passing your test 1st time today!

Billie passes driving test

Sergej – 1st time pass

Sergej has been coming from London to train with Julia, and passed today 1st time!


Well done Georgina

Well done Georgina for passing your test with only 2 minors, with some help from Mark!


A busy couple of weeks

It’s been a busy couple of weeks here at Nayland Driving School. Well done Kate, Will, Kirk and Jamie for passing your tests.

Gold star for kate who got a clean sheet!