Nayland Driving School usually teaches in and around the towns where the test centres are located. This allows you to familiarise yourself with the roads and traffic in the town centre and surrounding areas where the test will take place. There are many routes which are often taken during your test. 

During your lessons your instructor will ensure you are completely familiar with all of the hazards, junctions and roads you are likely to encounter. Even if you are familiar with the town or city as a pedestrian or passenger, the perspective from behind the wheel can be very different. 

Your Instructor can give you useful instruction on how to deal with common problems during your lessons. You will also have an opportunity to take a mock test during your lessons.This helps familiarise you with the process of taking your test and helps you to feel more comfortable and makes your actual test less stressful.

Maybe you’re looking for driving lessons in your free periods at college, around your job or child care. We will always try to accommodate you.


Why Choose Nayland?

• Continuity • Free Theory Study
• Competitive Prices
• Discounts for Block Bookings
• Intensive Driving Course Available
• Motorway Lessons
• Good Pass Rate
• Mock Tests
• Male & Female Instructors

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