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 COVID-19 guidelines

Stay alert

  • It is advised that all instructors monitor their temperature daily. If they have a fever, or a temperature of 37.8 or higher they should not continue with lessons. They should follow the relevant guidance by the government.
  • All Instructors are to contact pupils prior to the lesson to establish if they, or a member of their household, have any COVID-19 symptoms. If either are showing any symptoms, the lesson should not go ahead.
  • Please make sure both driving instructor and student have correct and up to date contact phone number for each other where possible.
  • If a pupil or instructor develops symptoms while on a lesson, the lesson should be aborted ASAP and the instructor should drive the pupil back to their drop-off location. The person with symptoms should avoid touching any shared surfaces for the remainder of the journey. A full clean car should then be done.
  • In all cases, if the instructor develops symptoms, they should follow the Government guidelines on self-isolation and not return to work until their period of self-isolation has been completed. Instructors need to inform all pupils and cancel lessons for the self-isolation period.


  • Wash hands thoroughly and regularly with soap and water for at least 20 seconds when possible, the use of an alcohol-based hand sanitiser is acceptable if soap and water are not available but should not be the standard. Use NHS directed hand washing technique.
  • Coughs and sneezes should be caught in a tissue, or into the crook of the elbow if tissue is not available. Instructor should provide an appropriate bin for used tissues. At no point must the instructor come in to contact with a pupil’s used tissues. Pupils to take their waste home with them to dispose of in line with Government guidance.
  • Provide hand-washing facilities: the instructor should have hand sanitiser available in their teaching vehicle for each lesson. Hand sanitiser levels should be regularly checked.
  • No sanitisers should be left unattended in a vehicle or overnight. If left at high temperature they can be flammable.

At the start of each lesson

  • The instructor should not greet the pupil with any form of physical contact, such as a handshake. If contact does occur, hands should be washed immediately.
  • The Instructor should communicate with the pupil outside of the car prior to the lesson to establish that they look and feel in good health before entering the car.
  • Hand sanitiser should be offered to the pupil before they touch or enter the car.
  • The pupil should have already agreed to the guidelines set out and have an understanding of what to do if they, or a member of their household, has any of the symptoms listed by the government no matter how mild.

Spreading the virus

  • It is advised that face coverings are worn while in the car (N.B. not recommended if you have a respiratory condition e.g. Asthma) to help reduce the dispersal of droplets in the air.
  • Where possible, pupil and instructor should not be face to face with each other.
  • The Instructor may not wear a mask due to muffed instruction or insurance complications; this is at their own discretion.
  • NHS hygiene measures should be practiced at all times: – Both instructor and pupil to wash hands with soap and water/hand sanitiser (where soap and water is not possible) before a lesson and during if required. – Both instructor and pupil should avoid touching their faces.
  • Instructor should wipe down and clean inside and outside shared surfaces of the car in between each lesson.
  • Instructor should wipe down surfaces in the car including the steering wheel and column, dashboard, gear lever, indicator switch, light switches, wiper switch, radio and door handles, hand brake, along with any other commonly touched surface within the car.
  • Car windows will remain open where possible, so it is advised hair should be tied back.
  • Clean and appropriate clothing should be worn each day, maintaining good hygiene measures at all times. It is suggested that long sleeved tops and trousers are more appropriate but do dress for the weather to avoid excessive perspiration.
  • Pupils should not bring any personal belongings in to the car, other than what can be kept in their pockets. Any bags which cannot be left behind e.g. handbags/workbags, must be stored in the boot.
  • Payment should be made prior to the lesson and not involve the need for cash to exchange hands, where this is not possible the pupil should display and count money in front of the instructor. Instructor should provide an envelope or something similar for pupil to put the cash into. At the end of the working day instructor should spray the cash with an anti-bacterial spray and let the cash settle for at least 48 hours before handling. Washing hands before and after handling the cash is extremely important. Where change is required the pupil and instructor should try to come to an agreement where any small amounts can be added to the next lesson or taken off, so nobody loses financially.
  • Instructor should ensure that all non-essential access to the vehicle is stopped – only the instructor should be accessing the vehicle outside of lessons.

Additional information

We do not guarantee against COVID-19 but will do all we can to keep risk to a minimum.


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I was taught by Geoff for about 2 months and I went to my test and passed the first time with this company and I would highly recommend Geoff and the company ad he teaches really well, he ensures that you end up being a driver and not a learner and i felt that is a really respectable quality when it comes to a teacher. I could not say any bad experience and was extremely happy

Alen Thomas

For any one wanting to learn to drive but not sure who to go with I definitely recommend Nayland, with his great help I passed first time and in just over three months, the lessons were great I always looked forward to them as Michael is a lovely guy and very down to earth, and up for a laugh 🙂 but he is also very patient for any one who is nervous about driving. 🙂

Harriet Osborn Davies

Thanks a lot to Dave, very calm and professional instructor. Passed after 20h, would definitely recommend.

Mikolaj Witkowski

I passed my test first time, I didn’t need to use any other instructor as Michael gave me all the advice I needed, down to earth, practical and easy to understand. While learning to drive can be stressful, Micheal made it so easy for me. I enjoyed learning and looked forward to the lessons as they were really enjoyable, if you want to learn to drive with someone that will make it enjoyable and practical Micheal is the guy! guy.

Peter Callaghan

Before having Michael as a driving instructor I was with someone else! I was given his number through a recommendation, and his lessons gave me the confidence to pass my test! Michael has great prices and deals, to suit anyone! I have now been driving a year, and I have recommended many people to go with him and they have gone on to pass very fast! 🙂

Amy Cowlin

Massive thanks to Suzanne! Amazing instructor! Helped to boost my confidence and pass my test quickly! Highly recommend!

Tom Clarke