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Driving Lessons Clacton

Learning to drive in Clacton puts you in a great position to prepare for your practical driving test. Clacton has its own test centre on Carnarvon Road, so you’ll be well placed to learn common test routes and what you can expect to encounter.


In fact, Clacton has the best record in Essex for first time passers, with just over 50% for 2017-2018 so paired with our excellent first time pass rate – the numbers are on your side!

Learning to Drive in Clacton

If you’re looking for driving schools in Clacton, look no further than Nayland Driving School. We have been operating for over a decade and in that time, we have helped hundreds of students to pass their test successfully.

Our experienced qualified driving instructors have worked with students of all ages and abilities and are calm, friendly and sympathetic and will be understanding and patient with any anxieties you may have.

All our driving instructors in Clacton are self-employed with some working from early morning and others working into the evening – so you will be able to find an instructor that can fit around your work, college, university or family schedule. We will pick you up and drop you home, but this can also be arranged for work and college with prior notice.

Driving Lessons That Are Right for You

As a beginner, your first two hours of driving lessons are £25, from then on lessons start from £25 per hour, so you’ll be getting an hour free when you first book with us! The ideal way to begin your driving lesson journey.

We operate honestly and will get you to your test as soon as you are able. We pride ourselves on our excellent first time pass rate and are proud to have got so many safe confident drivers on the road.

So, if you’re looking for driving instructors in Clacton, we have some of the very best, you’ll be in safe capable hands the entire time thanks to dual control and expert training for our instructors. We are proud to have such an excellent reputation out of the driving schools in Clacton, with recommendations and raving reviews from our past students.

Driving Schools in Clacton on Sea Essex

Our manual driving instructors in Clacton have a range of different cars so we’ll be able to match you with an instructor that best meets your needs.

You’ll have the same driving instructor throughout, so you’ll have support and someone who knows which areas you need to practise most. We will work with you to get you test ready and confident on the road.

In the run up to your test, we will take you through mock tests, so you know what to expect and can feel calm and capable going into your practical test.

Driving Lessons in Clacton With Nayland Driving School

With driving lessons starting at just £25 an hour for manual lessons, Nayland Driving School offer competitive driving prices to help you learn to drive safely on the roads. We also offer a beginners offer for the first two hours for £25 plus a FREE study material book for your theory test! Call us on 0800 211 8717 to book your driving lesson or book online.

Why choose Nayland Driving School?

Excellent Pass Rate

Here at Nayland Driving School, we have a first time pass rate of 80% and a second time pass rate of 92%

Block Booking Discounts

Our block booking discounts are great for students looking to book ahead, whilst saving money

Fully qualified & CRB Checked Instructors

All of our driving instructors we employ are fully qualified for the job.

When should I book my theory test?

You can take your theory test before lessons or during, it’s up to you. When you learn with us, you get free access to our theory study programme. We recommend doing plenty of revision before you take your test and you will need to pass your theory before you can book the practical.

It depends on the individual and their ability and confidence, we will aim to get you to test level as soon as possible. We teach you to be a safe and considerate driver and work on areas of driving you may find difficult. The DVSA says it usually takes 45 hours of lessons to learn and 22 hours of practise.

Ideally you should have 1-2 hours on a weekly basis, but it’s not essential and you can tailor them at a pace that suits you. You could have more hours in a week or do alternate weeks, it will depend on how quickly you want to progress to test level. We are able to work around your lifestyle and availability to work out a schedule that works for you. We suggest pre-booking your lessons, so you can guarantee a spot with your instructor. If you book in a block of ten hours, you’ll save £15 on the usual price, a great way to get your lessons locked in and save money!

We are based in Clacton and as your test will be in Clacton, we will spend time driving around Clacton and getting you used to the common test routes. Depending on the length of your lessons and what we will be covering – we may drive around the surrounding areas, so you are able to experience both town and village traffic and roads. This will also help to prepare you for driving around your hometown when you pass your test and familiarise you with the roads.

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