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Driving Lessons Gillingham

Here at Nayland Driving School, we have been teaching people to drive for over ten years. During that time, we’ve established ourselves as the provider of driving lessons Gillingham learners are happy to recommend.


Our prices start from just £25 an hour, and you can save money by block-booking your lessons.

All of our driving instructors are incredibly knowledgeable, and have the skill and expertise to get you ready for your test. They’re also patient and understanding, and will guide you through the learning process with care. Plenty of our learner drivers pass first time – and we’d love to be able to add you to that list!

The Driving School Gillingham Learners Trust

Our instructors will help you to become familiar with the roads in and around Gillingham. Your instructor will take you through quiet and busy streets, so you’ll become used to all kinds of routes and learn how to cope in a variety of situations on the road. Our aim is to turn our learners into confident, well-rounded drivers who feel happy and in control behind the wheel.  That’s why we’re known by many as the best driving school Gillingham has to offer.

Driving Lessons Gillingham Kent

Gillingham is home to a practical test centre, making it the most likely destination for your driving test. We will take you on known test routes so that you can really get a feel for what your practical test will involve. As your test draws nearer, your instructor will also put together a mock exam for you. This will help to iron out any last mistakes before the big day, and will also remove a lot of the anxiety and uncertainty surrounding a driving test.

Suitable For All Kinds of Drivers

Whether you are a naturally confident driver or struggle with nerves behind the wheel, we’ll give you the skills that you need to navigate the road successfully, and we’ll be on hand to offer all the support that you need. That’s why we are the provider of driving lessons Gillingham Kent learners recommend.

Flexible Driving Lessons Gillingham

We appreciate that all of our learners have different schedules, and for some finding the spare time for lessons can be a challenge. If you would prefer to take your lessons in the evening, at the weekends or even early in the morning, we will be able to work to meet your needs. Our instructors are self-employed and set their own hours – so we will be able to match you with an instructor who can fit around your schedule.

A lot of our learner drivers are juggling studies and careers. We are happy to start lessons at your workplace after you have finished your shift, or drop you off at sixth form, college or Uni so that you can go straight from the car to your lesson. We want you to be able to learn when and where it suits you.


Why Choose Nayland Driving School?

There are many benefits that come from learning to drive with us, including:

  • High pass rate
  • The same instructor throughout your time learning with us
  • Free theory test study
  • Male and female instructors
  • Some of the most competitive prices in Gillingham
  • Discounts for block bookings
  • Intensive driving courses available
  • Mock driving test lessons to help you prepare for the real thing
  • Motorway lessons

Why choose Nayland Driving School?

Excellent Pass Rate

Here at Nayland Driving School, we have a first time pass rate of 80% and a second time pass rate of 92%

Block Booking Discounts

Our block booking discounts are great for students looking to book ahead, whilst saving money

Fully qualified & CRB Checked Instructors

All of our driving instructors we employ are fully qualified for the job.

Will I have the same driving instructor every week?

We believe that building a strong rapport with one driving instructor is so much better for a learner than seeing a different instructor every time. That’s why you’ll be learning with the same person every time, week after week. Your instructor will get to know you and will be able to identify your key strengths and weaknesses, and you’ll feel comfortable enough to ask them any questions.

The DVSA recommends that learner drivers take 45 hours of lessons before they book a test, along with 22 hours of practising. However, every person is different, and you may need more or less than this to pass your test. What we can guarantee is that we will help you pass your test as quickly as possible, and we’ll be on hand to give you all the theoretical and practical support you need.

You can book your theory test before you start your lessons, or you may feel more confident once you have spent some time behind the wheel. When you learn with us, you’ll be able to take ad-vantage of our theory study programme to help you memorise everything you’ll need to know for your exam.

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