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Instructor Training Prices

Free Introduction Worth £35.00

This is a free introduction, to give you an opportunity to see and learn more about our driving instructor training course.

Part 1 Training (If needed) - £30.00 per hour

This is one exam you can study for in your own time at home. However we can help if needed.

Part 2 and 3 Training - £35.00 per hour

Driving instructor training! In-Car Training.

Online Standards Check Training - £24 monthly or £120 yearly

Over 45 videos for you watch and study in your own time, covering different angles of the standards check, re watch when you like, track your progress and more .


In Car Standards Check Training - £35.00 per hour

Full Driving Instructor Training Course £1,699 or £499 deposit and 8 monthly payments of £150

What does our course include?

We use an online training course with over 300 hours of study material at your fingers tips! Its all in easy manageable sections. It uses videos, online training, practical exercises and more.. the great thing is you can re visit it as much as you like throughout your training. Plus a total of 48 hours 1:1 training with one of our specialist trainers.

Once you have passed part 1, you will get 8 hours of Part 2 driving instructor training. Normally two 4 hour days. (requests can be made for alternative methods of times)

Once you pass this you will get 40 hours Part 3 driving instructor training, normally five 8 hour days, or ten 4 hour days. (request can be made for alternative methods of times)

Driving instructor exam test fees and any additional driving instructor training not included

In the unlikely situation, you are not successful in 3 attempts at your part 2 exam of your driving instructor training. You will be refunded £750.00

If there are any questions that you have about training to become a driving instructor then please call us. We are always happy to have a chat and answer any questions.


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