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Frequently Asked Questions

Learner qualifications

What do I need before my first Driving Lesson?

You will need a Provisional Driving Licence. This will need to be shown your Driving Instructor on your first lesson. (Allow 3 weeks from your Provisional Driving Licence application form, for it to arrive – although it could be less). Keep it save because you will also need it for both the theory and practical Driving Tests. You will also need to be able to read a car number plate at 20.5 meters.

When can I take my Driving Lesson?

All our Driving Instructors are self-employed. This allows them to work the hours that suit them. Some of our Driving Instructors start their Driving Lessons at 6.30am, some don’t finish till 10pm at night. Please call us to see if we can accommodate you.

How often should I have my Driving Lessons?

Most pupils will have one Driving Lesson a week, but that’s not essential. They can be tailored to whatever suits you best.

How do I study for my Driving Theory Test?

We offer free theory study material for all our pupils. If you need anything extra please ask us and we will help you find something suitable.

Where do I book my theory test?

You can go on and search for a time, date and test centre to suit you.

How many Driving Lessons will I need?

Every pupil is different, there is no possible way to know until you get started. As a guideline, the DVSA statistics say the average pupil takes 47 hours Professional Driving Lessons and 20 hours private

Do you teach people of all ages?

Driving is not just for the young so why not talk to us about our lessons to get you on the road. Our highly trainer instructors are patient and here to help you pass your driving test and give you the freedom you deserve. So pick up the phone and give us a call to find out how we can help you. Tel: 0800 211 8717

Do I need to pass my Driving Theory Test before I book the Practical Driving Test?

No, you don’t have to pass it before you start your Driving Lessons but you will need to pass it before you can book the Practical Driving Test.

What car will I be learning in?

Our Driving Instructors all use different cars, but they are all fitted with dual controls and suitable for teaching. You can always ask when you call to book.

Where will I be picked up from?

Normally our Driving Instructors will come to your house, but alternate addresses like work or college can be arranged with advanced notice.

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