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Free Online Driving Instructor Training Workshop


Becoming a driving Instructor, learn about the job and the training involved, with our free workshop.

Date: 22.07.20

Time: 10am till 11am

Have you ever thought about becoming a driving instructor?

Never followed through with that dream?

Why not?

We are having an online workshop to answer any questions you might have about training as a driving instructor. Changing career is a big decision and we want you to have all the information and facts first.

What will we be talking about at the workshop?

  • We will be talking about the 3 DVSA exams you must pass to qualify as a driving instructor.
  • What is the best option for you and your final exam, direct attempt or trainee licence.
  • The training and exam costs involved.
  • The start-up cost of setting up your business.
  • Earning potentials.
  • Our training course and if it is a good fit for you.
  • Managing work hours and diaries.
  • And if you still have unanswered questions, a chance to ask them.

We will be giving straight and honest advice about driving instructor training and the job. We don’t want anyone starting their driving instructor business without all the facts first. You can then make a decision if you want to proceed.

For now, more information can be found on the driving instructor training pages of our website.

If you want to come to our workshop, then email us at info@naylanddrivingschool.co.uk and we will send you a zoom meeting link to our online workshop.

If you are still interested but are unavailable that day, don’t worry with enough interest we will run another date. If not we can definitely arrange a chat on the phone. Don’t miss out.

There will be a lot to take in so I suggest you make sure you have a pen, paper and coffee ready.

I look forward to seeing you all then.


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I was taught by Geoff for about 2 months and I went to my test and passed the first time with this company and I would highly recommend Geoff and the company ad he teaches really well, he ensures that you end up being a driver and not a learner and i felt that is a really respectable quality when it comes to a teacher. I could not say any bad experience and was extremely happy

Alen Thomas

For any one wanting to learn to drive but not sure who to go with I definitely recommend Nayland, with his great help I passed first time and in just over three months, the lessons were great I always looked forward to them as Michael is a lovely guy and very down to earth, and up for a laugh 🙂 but he is also very patient for any one who is nervous about driving. 🙂

Harriet Osborn Davies

Thanks a lot to Dave, very calm and professional instructor. Passed after 20h, would definitely recommend.

Mikolaj Witkowski

I passed my test first time, I didn’t need to use any other instructor as Michael gave me all the advice I needed, down to earth, practical and easy to understand. While learning to drive can be stressful, Micheal made it so easy for me. I enjoyed learning and looked forward to the lessons as they were really enjoyable, if you want to learn to drive with someone that will make it enjoyable and practical Micheal is the guy! guy.

Peter Callaghan

Before having Michael as a driving instructor I was with someone else! I was given his number through a recommendation, and his lessons gave me the confidence to pass my test! Michael has great prices and deals, to suit anyone! I have now been driving a year, and I have recommended many people to go with him and they have gone on to pass very fast! 🙂

Amy Cowlin

Massive thanks to Suzanne! Amazing instructor! Helped to boost my confidence and pass my test quickly! Highly recommend!

Tom Clarke